Greetings, everyone!
Over the last few months, a committee has been looking at the guidelines around best practices regarding Covid 19 that have come from our Provincial and Regional Leaders in the community, in an effort to come up with a worship experience that will hopefully minimize the risk of spreading the virus while at the same time allowing us to come together again as a church community.
As a result of these efforts, when you come to church on Sunday, a number of things will be different:
*Masks must be worn for the duration of the service, in accordance with Provincial guidelines (October 2020).  If you have difficulty breathing while wearing a mask the whole time, you CAN remove it for a brief time while maintaining social distancing from everyone else and while remaining seated, putting it back on as soon as you can. If you must move from your seat for any reason, you will need to put your mask back on until you are seated once again.

*Upon arrival in the entryway of the church, a hand sanitation station has been provided so that individuals and families can clean their hands upon entry.
*While in the entryway, individuals and families will provide their names and phone numbers to the greeters, so that this information can be recorded on a contact tracing form. Once this is done, the greeters will provide additional instructions before showing folks to their seats.
*There will be no individual copies of the order of service available, because everything will be projected onto the screen at the front of the sanctuary (starting November 1st)  There will be no responsive or in unison prayers, but people are welcome to read along silently.  The only exception to this will be the Lord's Prayer, which may be spoken quietly and aloud in the pews by those who wish to do so.

*There will be no congregational or choir singing for the time being.  The words of the hymns will be projected onto the screen at the front, and our organist will play the tunes of the hymns on the piano.  We are keeping up to date as best we can with Provincial and Regional guidelines regarding group singing as we are made aware of them, and will offer updates if anything changes on this front.

*Before the final blessing at the end of the service, Rev. Mary Jo and the greeters will provide additional instruction on how we will exit the building. After the final blessing, please wait in your seats until the greeters indicate that it is your turn to exit
*There will be no Tea and Conversation time after the service.
*If you are feeling unwell, or are not yet ready to come to these in-person services, we invite you to tune into our online worship service, which can be found on our Greenwood United Facebook page, or on our church’s Youtube Channel. Online versions of our Sunday worship services will continue to be available until further notice. For those who do not have access to these services, a recorded version can be made available upon request.
We look forward to welcoming everyone back to worship here at Greenwood United. We will do everything we can to make sure that however we come together as a community, we will do it as safely and respectfully as possible. If we all work together, we can do this. Thank you. Take Care
The Council and Re-Entry Committee of Greenwood United Church

Our congregation's roots reach back to 1841. We have been part of Baddeck for a long time and we intend to continue serving the community long into the future. We are a diverse community: long-time members and new-comers; people from many religious backgrounds; ranging in age from new-born to over 100. We love to gather to together to share a meal, to sing, to celebrate, to pray, and to work hard on community projects.




Jesus invited all people to his table. We invite all to ours.

Whatever your background, age, ability, sexual orientation, or gender identity: you are welcome here.



We are a sanctuary where people seek love, respect, fellowship, and compassion.

As a faith community, we strive to care for one another.


God dreams of a better world. So do we.

Will you join us as we work for justice, healing, and peace in our community and beyond? Together, we are changing lives.



Every Sunday at 11:00 am

Our Sunday morning worship is at 11:00 am and we will resume in-person services September 6th, 2020. For those who are planning to attend the service in person, masks will be required. In order to make room for social distancing, we can safely seat 40 people, so if you are planning to attend a service, please try to come early in order to ensure a seat will be available. Online versions of the service will still be available on Facebook and YouTube. We look forward to welcoming everyone back!

We would be so pleased to welcome you to a worship service. Our services include music, prayer, and a message relevant to life today. We have a special area for children near the front of our church. After church, we have a time of tea and conversation.





Placing You On the Path of Enlightenment

Greenwood United Church is a church devoted to developing a holy consciousness. We believe that worship is something that can be expressed in everything we do, whether that be nourishing our bodies with food, chatting with friends, playing music, or enjoying nature. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the Holy Scriptures, life’s only guidebook. Whatever your age, gender or race, there is a special place for you at our Church. We offer members a chance to become part of something greater, to grow their love for God and for one another in our beautiful community. Get in touch today or swing by for a visit.

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